Monday, October 9, 2017

A doll for sale, sewing and more morning walking.....

I am having another small clear out to make way for a new doll....or three!  And so the following girl is looking for a new home.  She is a Fairyland Mini Fee Chloe in tanned skin, with a beautiful custom faceup by Caroline of Viridian House in Scotland.  She is resin, fully jointed, 40cm tall, slim ball jointed doll.  She has the 'cutie' legs and medium sized bust.   I am asking what I paid for her $600 plus postage, but am open to offers!  She is lovely but I admit that I prefer really young looking girl BJDs. Chloe will travel nude and bald to her new home but I will include random eyes.  Please excuse the dusty eyes in this photo!!  The shame!!!!

You might recognise her dressed:

Also on the dolly front, I did a bit of sewing last week and Brodie, my Iplehouse BID Bordy, was happy to be the recipient of the dress.  I used an old Sasha smocked dress pattern and reduced it by mega amounts...(goodness knows how much, I've slept since then! ;) ).  I used a thick cotton fabric for the main body of the smock and used a 'shabby chic' design quilters cotton for the collar and cuffs.  Unfortunately the sleeves are a bit too long but I'll adjust the pattern next time.  I'm sure Brodie will grow into it!!! 

Finally for today, a few photos from this mornings walk.  We found another new route which took us even higher up into the olive groves and then walked back down and then along the beach which was deserted except for a neighbour swimming with her two dogs. 

Someone has been busy making a circle of stones in what are actually the abandoned 'footings' of an apartment block facing the beach.....

And finally, a small little house in ruins, which is located in a field nearby.  The 'house' is tiny, made up of just two rooms, one is approx 2m by 2m, with a small archway into an even tinier room.  At the back (which is the front in this photo) is a largish stone horse trough.   And the wall on the right of the photo is part of a water depository.  At one point there was obviously electricity and running water to the property, but it has all gone now.

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead and thank you for stopping by!

Hugs Sharon x

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer's end.....

I won't apologise again for my blog being neglected, that's getting a little 'old' now, but thought I'd do a 'Summer's End....' post and share some of what I've been doing over the last couple of months or so.

In my last post, Summertime and my poor neglected blog  I wrote about my 'new' healthy regime, well I have continued with that, and am now 26.4 pounds or 12 kilos lighter!!!  I have continued to walk every morning with Lucy my Miniature Pinscher, and we now walk approx 8.5km (just over 5 miles) most mornings.  I have also joined a local municipal swimming pool where I attend two one hourly Aquagym classes every week, and I really love it!!!  It's hard work but definitely good fun!  I've ridden my bike a bit, but I honestly think I'd like to replace it with a mountain bike as mine doesn't have any gears and is really suited more to shopping in a town rather than riding out in the countryside!

I've taken lots of photos during my walks, and will share some here, but please forgive the lesser quality, they are taken on my iPhone.

We've seen some lovely sunrises....

Some beautiful empty beaches, now that the children have returned to school....

Views from the hills above where we live, and towards the mountains.....

We have also seen lots of flora and fauna!  Donkeys, horses and asses.....

Goats and sheep......

Herons....(or could be an egret!)

Chili peppers....

Female peacocks....peahens? 

Lovely flowers!

I also decided to have all my long hair cut off about six weeks ago too, it was down to mid back in length but I never did much with it apart from put it in a ponytail, so I went really short, and I feel like a new woman!!!  (Apologies for the 'bathroom selfie', I don't take photos of myself very often!!!)

 It's almost the same as I had for my wedding back in December 2005....

Hope those weren't too scary for you!!!!

On the dolly front I have been relatively quiet because my interest waned, probably due to the very hot weather.  My doll/sewing room here on the coast is small and gets very very hot despite having the window open and the fan going full I really don't like spending time inside when the weather is so lovely.  So as a result I've done very little sewing or playing!  But I have done some ordering!!!!  I have two little BJDs on order and hopefully they will arrived from South Korea some time before Christmas :)

However, I am currently customising a Blythe doll for a friend of mine, and am just waiting on the eyechips arriving.  Once the doll is all completed and put back together I will share photos on here.

I have done a few wig changes with my bjds and today took some photos of my Fairyland Little Fee Antes.  Fiona, the normal skin Ante, is one of the new wig recipients.  I bought this Monique Gold Bubbles wig for her in Honey Blond but I thought it was too pale and made her look 'washed out', so yesterday I dyed it with tea and the colour has turned out perfect for her!

Both of my Antes, Tyrone (left) and Fiona, are playing with their new little baby cousin....under adult supervision of course ;) 

Well that's about it for today, I don't want to bore anyone too much!  I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my photos and also hope that you've all had an enjoyable summer. 

Here's to the autumn!!!

Hugs Sharon x

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summertime and my poor neglected blog!!

I cannot believe that we are now halfway through July, where does the time go!  I also cannot believe how neglected my poor blog is, I really do need to pull my finger out and get blogging properly again.  But we have actually had a very busy few months so I feel that I have a good excuse ;) 

Summer starts very early here and with it comes the intense heat and, here on the coast, very high humidity.  This years June seemed particularly hot and sticky but I admit that I love the heat....have I mentioned that before? :D  And I would take the summer months over the winter any day, despite how short our winter is!  But it does make me feel particularly lazy sometimes so I have spent my spare time just relaxing and reading, I've read loads of books.....but as a result my dolls have been seriously neglected too, poor things.

I had to buy a new eReader last month as my Kindle decided that it was going to stop working.  It wasn't particularly old but of course it was out of guarantee.  I looked around and finally decided on a Kobo Aura One with a nice 7.8 inch screen, and so far I'm very pleased with it.  In fact I've struggled to put it down sometimes!

My mum and brother came over for two weeks from the 23rd June and it was lovely to see them as I'd not seen them since Christmas.  We did a lot of eating out and more relaxing.....well in this heat you really can't do too much, can you!  On their first night it was the fiesta of San Juan which is celebrated in a big way here and denotes the beginning of summer.  In Torre del Mar, our nearest town, there was a large and colourful evening craft market which went on for several days, as well as musical performances, tastings of sardines, competitions, games on the beaches, in addition to the traditional bonfires that are lit at night on the beaches.  

I did a little bit of shopping at the market, well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it!  And having seen this stall, I had to buy my girls a guitar as they were the perfect scale for the MSD sized BJDs.  And at only 8 euros each, I couldn't pass one up!!

I was seriously tempted by the Beatles drum set and the violins too, and now I regret that I didn't buy anything other than one guitar from this stall!  Oh well, there is always next year!

Brian and John enjoyed the things that were put in place for the children!!!

Later, we ate in a nice restaurant called the Safari Lounge.  The food was lovely, but the portions were so big!!  Here's my mum and brother waiting for their supper.

We went to Nerja for a day and ate in a very nice Japanese restaurant.  I didn't take any photos in the restaurant but took a few on the Balcon de Europa which was busy with holiday makers.  I do like Nerja, but have to say it's much better in winter when it's not so busy.

 We also went into the church located at the Balcon de Europa, called El Salvador.  The interior was so lovely and cool and peaceful, after the heat of the street! 

Afterwards, a welcome drink in a bar...

We did lots of other things and ate many more meals in restaurants, but I didn't take my camera out with me at all, I have no idea why!!

As well as my family visiting, I have been working on my fitness because over the years I've got lazy about exercising.  After a whole bunch of tests over the last 3 months, I've finally been told that I have bone degeneration, so thankfully nothing too serious.  Anyway, I decided to start walking as I love to walk but had been putting it off and putting it off using the excuse that I wanted someone to walk with.  So for the last 6 weeks, Lucy our Miniature Pinscher and I, have been getting out of bed at 6.30am and walking from 7am for a minimum of an hour.  We head out into the campo and just walk!  It is a wonderful time of day, the sun is only just rising and there is a real freshness before the intense heat of the day.

We just climb higher and higher until we are able to look back down towards the sea, it feels like being on top of the world!!!!  

We've met some lovely people, Pepe and Maria, who, along with their little Yorkshire Terrier, are walking in the opposite direction to us and always stop for a quick chat about life as we pass, as well as a farmer who gave me nine of the most delicious freshly picked tomatoes that I've ever tasted!!! 

We've spotted quite a bit of wildlife too, including Hoopoe birds, which I've tried to get photos of as they are so pretty.  Unfortunately my iPhone doesn't zoom in far enough to get them but I plan on taking my proper camera out with me soon.

We also discovered a snake!  Unfortunately for the snake, but perhaps fortunately for us, it was dead, having been flattened by something.  But it was a biggie!  I have put my foot in the photo to show you the scale....I would put it at about 5 foot long including it's tail which was separate!!! (That's the snake, NOT my foot!!!)  Lucy was very interested!

Finally this morning, on our walk back along the beach, I spotted some dolphins swimming not that far out from the beach!!!  I rarely see them because they are quite 'elusive' but today there were at least three of them....oh to have had that camera with me....but you can just see the fin coming out of the water in the blurry photos below:

 As for the walking, well it is starting to pay off as over the last four weeks I have lost 11 pounds in weight, I'm walking between 5 and 8 kilometres per morning and am actually getting quite addicted to it!  And next week I'm starting Yoga classes!!!!

Finally a photo of the beach at 8pm on Thursday...and yes, the water was lovely!!

Well I hope you all are having a lovely summer and that the weather is good where you are.  I hope to post more often now and hopefully will remember to lug my camera with me (which will mean that all the local wildlife will take their summer vacations!!!)

Big hugs, Sharon xx