Sunday, March 18, 2018

My First American Girl......

For many years I've wanted to see an American Girl doll in real life.  But I never had....until now that is!

I've never liked dolls with a fabric torso and I dislike it when the cloth shows at the neckline in certain outfits, but I really like the Josefina face sculpt and their little legs, which I think are very cute.  I've looked at photos on Flickr, Pinterest and Ebay, sorely tempted but always put off at the thought of that fabric body.  Finally though I decided to give it a go and look for one to adopt.  I didn't want to spend too much money in case I didn't like her, so I decided to look again on Ebay and see what was on offer.

After a lot of research, I decided to bid on a secondhand Josefina being sold by someone in the UK.  I was fortunate enough to win the auction for a reasonable price and the doll arrived last Monday.  She appears to have been made by the Pleasant Company, probably before the company became a subsidiary of Mattel in, I believe, the year 1998.  I forgot to take a photo of the company name on the back of her neck, but will do that if it makes her easier to identify, because I'd love to narrow down when she may have been made.

Immediately on arrival,  I noticed that she was smaller than I expected....I'd sort of imagined these dolls as 'bigger' although I knew they were 18 inches tall!   I realised too how these dolls would be popular with young children as Josefina has a very squishy torso, I should imagine she'd be great to cuddle with.

So Josefina arrived.......

 she had a cute face with some surface dirt and a few scuffs......

And some white marks behind her pierced ears......

And a bit of glue residue in her hair......

And she had the most awful wig!  It felt really crunchy and dry, so that had to come off.

I removed it with great difficulty, it was glued on very securely and took a lot of tugging and a bit of swearing :) before finally I got it off her head!   You can see the surface dirt and scuffs better in the photos below, as well as the residue left behind by the wig.....

She has a very cute semi profile though......

Below, you can see what looks like additional glue has been applied to her head, just in one place, which makes me think a repair to her wig has been done at some point in the past.....

I love her profile and the colour of her vinyl.....

Here she is after a good scrub with washing up can see that I didn't have any luck removing the wig residue, it's stuck on very firmly! 

Despite the wash, obviously the scuffs remain.....

She has these sparse looking eyebrows drawn with individual hairs......

I haven't photographed her body but it does have a couple of clothing dye stains on the fabric, these were disclosed by the seller though, so no surprises there, and they'll be covered by her clothing anyway.

Once I'd put her head back on again (not too difficult as she has a string that tightens the cloth torso around the base of her neck) I looked in my wig stash for a suitable wig in her size.  Unfortunately, despite my massive amount of wigs, I really only had this one that fit her properly......

And I don't think it suits her at all!!!  So after washing and conditioning her original wig, I replaced that on her head but with the parting off to one side.  I then trimmed the horrible dry ends and put it into two bunches......

And dressed her in a dress I made from an American Girl pattern....I don't think it's her 'style', I'd prefer her to wear something more modern, but it fits....and looks OK for now, until I can make her something more suitable...... 

And finally we have a bit of sunshine!

Conclusion:  Well it's still early days, but so far I do quite like her.  I especially like her face and legs, which have always appealed to me from photos of American Girl dolls, plus I have a new appreciation of her little teeth and her profile.  I still don't like the fabric torso as I feel it's very limiting, but if I can always use patterns that have a reasonably high neckline, like the dress above, then that would be just fine.  I don't like this wig on her but having searched on Ebay, most of the wigs I've seen are very 'full' with too much hair, I'm sure that's NOT the look I'm after, so I will keep looking.

I'm glad I've not spent a fortune on buying my first American Girl, but admit that I'm still tempted to buy a new one at some point!  (Honestly, there's really no hope for me, is there!!!!)

Before I sign off, I'd just like to say a big thank you to Farrah Lily of Cozy Comforts and Dolls, for all her help in my quest to find an American Girl doll to bring home! 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you all have a great week ahead!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Some Gotz Girlies......

The weather has continued to be very unsettled here with very heavy rain and then bright sunshine....and then repeated all over again!  But I wanted to take some photos of my Gotz Hannahs and my Happy Kidz for the Gotz Facebook group so I managed to squeeze in some photo time between the rainfall!  I thought I'd share them on here too.....

Here is Hannah Summertime, she is a 2017 girl and comes wearing a flowery cotton dress with short puffed sleeves, as well as a white 'straw' sunhat, pink glittery sandals and heart shaped sunglasses....all very cute but not really that appropriate for heavy rain!  So Hannah immediately changed into this cute and colourful outfit that I bought recently on Ebay Germany, I'm sure you'll agree she looks very sweet and childlike in it, and it's certainly more than adequate for the weather!

I thought that Hannah looked a little pale so added a bit more blush to her chubby cheeks.  It's subtle but definitely makes a difference to her face :)

The rest of the girls wanted to join in, so here are a couple of group shots........

Left to right:  Charlotte (2016), Asian Hannah at the Ballet, Hannah Summertime (2017), Happy Kidz Emily (2016), Happy Kidz Sophie (2012) and Happy Kidz Emily (2015-rewigged):  Charlotte got caught by a sunbeam!!

I'm sorry that I've not got much else for you this week, so I'll just add here some photos that I took on one of my morning walks....hope you enjoy them!

A few signs of spring....

I'm not sure this is really a 'sign of spring' but liked the variegated leaves....

Looking west towards Malaga.....

And east towards Nerja......

And finally, south towards Africa!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and that the weather has improved where you are!
Have a great week ahead!

Big hugs, Sharon x

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dianna Effner sculpted dolls.....

The weather has been awful for the last week and as a result all the photos that I intended taking, didn't get taken.  So I decided to have a look through my photo 'archives' and post some of my favourites here.  I apologise in advance to those of you who've seen these before, I hope you'll forgive me but I don't want to get behind with my blog posts again and ruin my 'New Years Resolution' of posting more often :)

Starting off with my little Tuesday's Child Daniela by Boneka, sculpted by Dianna Effner.  She is ready to do some modelling for me as I'm going to be making a couple of outfits in this size, hopefully starting this coming week :)  Isn't she a cutie!  I sometimes think her curls are a little bit too large for her face and that I might trim them a bit....then I remember that I'm NOT a hairdresser!!! ;)  The outfit below, I made for my YOSD sized BJDs but it fits her perfectly.

And here she is again in her default outfit, with a straw sunhat that I added to keep the sunshine off her face:

Next we have Ellie, a #1 sculpt, who I'm sure most of you know by now as she has been on here so often!  For those who don't know her though, she is a Little Darling handpainted by Dianna Effner.  Her beautiful eyes, which look like glass, are actually painted layer by layer to achieve this wonderful look.  Ellie arrived in May 2014, the first of my Little Darlings to come and live here.

It's hard to believe that her eyelashes, both upper and lower, are actually painted on too....they look like they must be applied lashes, don't they!

Another of my Little Darlings, this one is a #2 sculpt or 'Asian sculpt' and is also sculpted and handpainted by Dianna Effner.  I call her Gem, she came to me secondhand from an old friend in the US back in April 2015....l love this girl too!!!

Next we have another of my sweet Little Darlings, Nikola, another #1 sculpt, this time handpainted by Nelly Valentino in September 2015.  She had a twin who went to live in Switzerland last year, but I kept Nikola as she was my favourite of the two.

Below we have Rory, another #1 sculpt, who is a tanned Little Darling handpainted by Lana Dobbs....I waited so long for this girl, 26 months, that I thought I'd never warm to her!!  But she is so cute that she is still here, having arrived in June 2016!  Although I've not taken that many photos of her, I've no idea why!  I suppose it's a bit like 'first child' syndrome, the first baby always seems to have loads and loads of photos taken of in the case of Ellie who was my first Little Darling, whilst the others only get their pics taken as an 'afterthought'!!

And an extra photo of Rory in the rain because she's been so neglected!!!

Finally we have Reece who is the only one of my Little Darlings that isn't handpainted by  Dianna or one of her artists.  She is factory painted but I enhanced her a little by adding some finishing touches to her face.  Despite her not being an 'artist' doll, I still love her as much as the other four :)   She is a #2 sculpt and came here in September 2014, my second Little Darling to arrive if I remember rightly. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my Dianna Effner sculpted dolls again, and apologies that these photos aren't new, but I thought 'old' was better than nothing at all :)   I will try to get more photos of my dolls once the weather improves :)

I hope you all have a great week ahead and that if you're having problems with your weather too, it soon improves :)

Big hugs Sharon x

Thursday, February 22, 2018

My Sashas get a dusting off.....

It's been ages since I photographed my Sasha dolls so I thought I'd rectify that yesterday and take some photos of a few of my plan is to photograph all of them over the next few weeks so that they all get a bit of attention. 

Many of you probably thought I'd sold my Sashas as I haven't 'played' with them for a while, but no, they are all still here and still loved!  I had a count up and to my surprise I have 21 Sasha/Gregors, one Toddler and one baby (Oooops! I could have sworn I had less than this!!!).  I sent my brunette baby to the US as a surprise for a friend of mine, she's always so good to me and I'd rather she enjoy the baby than me sell I just have my blond Alberto, who to be honest, is living here on borrowed time!  LOL!  Baby dolls just aren't for me.

So here are a few of my girls.  The first photo is also a photo of 'firsts'.....Millie (named in memory of Milly Dowler who I was reading a book about at the time of the dolls arrival) was my first Sasha and came here in November 2012 from Shelly in the UK.  She is from 1971 and has lovely thick blond hair and a very full fringe.   Her blue eyes were a little bit faded so some time after she arrived, I sent Millie's head back to Shelly for her to repaint her eyes.  I wanted them painted brown and love the way they look now. 

Here is another 'first', she is Bailey, my first wide faced brunette Sasha, as well as my first 'mistake' in that I washed her falling hair.....yes it all fell out, and she became my first wigged doll too, if I remember rightly!!  Bailey is also from 1971 and arrived here, again from Shelly, in June 2013.

I really love Bailey, she has been one of my favourites for some time, but don't tell the others!!! 

Here are Millie and Bailey together, wearing their Ruthsdoll dresses:

And a close up of their faces side by side:

In the next photo are my two blond Gotz Slate Eyes Sashas from the 1960s.  Left is Destin who I bought on Ebay in June 2014 and on the right is Lyric, who I adopted as a 'waif' from Shelly in the UK in August 2013.  Lyric's hair was breaking off at the roots and sadly she lost it quite quickly after she arrived here.  So she was my first Gotz Slate Eyed girl and my first Gotz reroot as I finally got around to rerooting her in April last year.

The two girls in close up.  Destin has a slightly concave face which I love, but I've always struggled to take photos that show how cute she is in 'real life'.  I like how they are quite different too :)

After having struggled with finding the perfect wig for her, I was really pleased with Lyric's reroot as I was able to use original Gotz doll hair from a later doll and I feel it was the perfect shade of blond for her.

Destin, below, often stands like this, as if she has a cute little sticky out tummy under her knitted sweater!!

Next we have three of my brunettes, from left to right, Eden, Willow and Stella:

Eden is the youngest, she's from 1970 and came here, along with her sister, Stella (1969), from a lovely friend in the US.  I had asked my friend if she knew of anyone selling a Brunette and she told me she had two herself that might be looking for new homes.  Of course once she showed me their photos, I just couldn't choose between they traveled to their new home here together, I was going to say "last year" but on checking my records, I was surprised to see that they've been here nearly two years, having arrived in April 2016.

The middle girl, Willow, came from Shelly's the very same month, so all three girls have 'grown up' together here in Spain! ;)   Like Stella, Willow is a 1969 girl, although as you can see, they are only superficially alike. 

Sadly all three girls have some degree of falling hair, but having learned my lesson with Bailey, my first older Brunette, I have never washed their hair and just style it using my hands.....fortunately they all have quite a lot of hair too :)

Eden (1970)

Willow (1969)

Stella (1969)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a small selection of my Sashas.  Hopefully I will have more photos for you again soon of some of the others :)

Have a lovely weekend!

Big hugs Sharon xx